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Running skirt

Tuesday, April 25, 2006
Why put up with shorts that bunch up, ride up, and chafe? Wear a running skirt instead!

Identical twins, Cindy and Christy, of are selling these sweat-wicking, functional, head-turning skirts for the ouchy price of US$48.

In fact they are so good that even the men are wearing it.

(If you would rather have a review not written by a man, Susan of Dallas, TX takes her skirt for a 4-mile spin and posts her review and pics. She looks good eh? Maybe I will be extravagent and buy one for my buddy Smole's birthday.)

Running mantra #1

Saturday, April 22, 2006
There used to be a time when a slow run of 4.5km was not worth washing a whole set of sweaty clothes. Now, on a hot and unmotivating 10am run (because I conveniently forgot to set the alarm), I repeat to myself with each footfall: "Something is better than nothing," in between the strains of Mambo Number Five from yesterday's kickboxing class.

"Something is better than nothing."

Between the blue and the green

Friday, April 21, 2006

My plan this evening

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Better to aim for the sky and fall on the trees, than aim for the trees and fall on the ground. Wish me luck. :)

Update: Oh my goodness, what a lovely lovely lovely run. I only ran about 8.5km and I did it fairly slowly, but it was one of those zen runs. Usually I fret about the distance and time and how lousy I'm feeling, but today, I felt like I was made to run! It was a combination of factors I think: the kopi kosong I gulped down before the run, the mental preparation, the cool weather, starting slow, and a new route. It is runs like these that make all the rest worth it. One day I will do the 10.2km above.