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Bukit Merah Loop

Friday, April 22, 2005

The first 15 minutes of the run was great. My previous jog was a week ago, and I felt like I missed everything about running -- the repetitive motion of my feet on the pavement, the sweat on the brow, the solitude, the clarity of mind...

Until the stitch hit. I planned to jog slowly anyway, but I didn't think it would be this slow and painful. Seriously, for the next 30 minutes, all I could think of was if my heart was going seize up and if I was going to collapse and die. The pain was just under my left ribs, and I could the throbbing of my heart at that spot. I finally decided that it was a stitch rather than my heart cramping up when I realised it hurt more when I was running downhill rather than uphill. That definitely put my mind at ease. :) I really need to jog more and train up my diaphragm.

The route with the plastic bag

Friday, April 08, 2005

I jogged home from work yesterday. I carried a plastic bag with my spectacles, handphone, other SIM card, ten dollars, and house keys. By the end of the run, the plastic bag was wet and not very pleasant to hold. How do folks run to and from work? What do you do with the logistics of keys, hps, money, clothes, etc.? I can't run with anything hanging off me (i.e. waist pouch, back pack etc.) 'cos the jiggling drives me nuts so I grasp whatever I have to carry in my hand.

Some people are cool; some people carry plastic bags; I belong to the latter.