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Thursday, June 17, 2004
It doesn't get any easier! What was I thinking??

training for the race

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
the thought of being able to complete 10k gives me a high. This evening I will work on my endurance. I tend to hit a psychological barrier at the 15min mark, 30min mark, and the 45min mark. A few minutes before I hit the barrier, I start feeling really really tired and I think that my heart is beating much too loudly, and that I ought to stop running. Then I get to the 16th, 31st and 46th min and then I think I can run for another 20mins at least. It's weird. I will have to get over the 45min huddle this evening. Maybe 50mins ;) Which means it will either have to be a slow level jog (say Botanic or MacRitchie), or a very very slow Barker hilly jog (oh awfulness!).

I just calculated my run the day before yesterday. I did 5.85km in 37mins 10sec at Barker. That's at a pace of 9.44km/h! Cool :)

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. 1 Tim 4:8

Wouldn't it be interesting if I worked at godliness the same way I worked at training for the 10k? When you run, it gets easier and easier after each training cos of the muscle and endurance you build up. I wonder when you "practice" at godliness, whether it becomes easier and easier to be more paitient, loving, kind, self-controlled, joyful, peaceful, good, and gentle?

I was at the receiving end of an unexpected kindness today. This lady from Wesley MC bought me lunch from the wanton mee store with the words, "It's the first time I'm meeting you." When I protested, her friend said, "Auntie wants to buy for you.." It touched me.

If I was giving a sermon, I'll end with this proposal - Let's test the hypothesis. Pick one fruit of the Spirit you want to work on (say kindness). Train at it and see if it becomes easier and easier to be kind to others. Maybe one day you will become kind.

Maybe one day I'll become a runner :)

7km in 45min 53sec

Monday, June 14, 2004
I ran at a pace of 9.2km/h. Treadmills give you more info than you care for - calories burned per hour, heart beat, laps, speed, incline, etc. The treadmills at bayshore work better than those in YCK - less creaky and more "high-tech". I like. :)

Met a Know-it-all at the gym though and he irritated me by his smart-alecky remarks. I would have told him to F- off, but it wasn't in my character to cuss. (Does thinking it constitute saying it though? Like the man in the gospels who looked at a woman lustfully and hence committed adultery? Skewed thinking will conclude that you might as well do what you are thinking then, since you are going to be punished for thinking it anyway, but that is like the "Should we keep on sinning so that grace may increase?" argument.)

After running, did some weights, swam, and went to eat Char Kway Tiao at Marine Parade with T and A. :) Good Saturday!

YCK gym

Thursday, June 10, 2004
How far and fast did I run at B the last time? Was it 5km in 31mins? I didn't do so well last night. Only 4.53km in 30mins. The treadmills at YCK has a built-in timer on them. It stops automatically after 30mins, that's why I didn't finish the 5km. Felt a little woozey - either cos I started too quickly or because of the aircon. I finished the 2.4km in 14:35. Must do better.

YCK was intimidating. All these guys with rippling muscles. There was a fair share of scrawny looking guys too though. Very few females. Which means that the toilets are really clean and empty! They have hot water! I was standing in there and thinking the shower alone is worth the whole $2.50.

I could have done more, but it was crowded and I didn't know how to use a lot of the machines. There was this pull-up machine that looked like it was could hang someone easily. It had all these warnings on it, about getting stuck on it, the possibility of serious injury etc. etc. etc. The next time I go I'll try it ;)

MacRitchie loop

Thursday, June 03, 2004
I would like to post a picture of the sun setting at Macritchie Reservoir, but my camera is with my father at Mt Kinnabalu at the moment.

If you can imagine it, the light is slanting its way through the sky, making the clouds and water pink and orange. There are monkeys on the wooden ramps that i'm running on, and you can hear the water underfoot. You keep your pace, afraid that you will be swallowed by the darkness of the forest when the pink disappears. You've never run so fast and so long before.

The quickly changing colours make it surreal, even with the surity of your steps on the wooden ramp and your deep rhythmic breathing. You could be in a dream at this very moment, caught between slumber and wakefulness, dreaming of the end of the day before it has even begun. You could be the monkey scrowling at the intruders, then changing your mind suddenly, backing off and falling into the water unobstrusively as the joggers keep going. You could be the lean golden retriever, loyal, curious and hungry. Or the quiet reflective water that will eventually find it's way to over a million households through a labyrinth of plumbing.

You spot the end of the trail; you shake off the dream; and run. It is night the next time you look at the sky.